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Dinner & A Concert with MOUTHS OF BABES

Saturday May 13, 2017
8:00 pm

All reserved seating. Only 80 table seats available.
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Soulful folk deliciousness. Mouths of Babes is Ty Greenstein (Girlyman) and Ingrid Elizabeth (Coyote Grace). This tender tomboy and rough-and-tumble lady come together to melt hearts and shake souls with undeniable chemistry and a truly unexpected heralding of wisdom. Mouths of Babes’ sound is equal parts celebration and blues, folk and soul, salve and anthem—an invitation to love this life, to sing your sob story and end it with a smile.

It’s a super casual evening. For an expected schedule for the evening, click HERE. Dress is whatever, but the food is definitely not. The dinner experience includes salad, dinner, dessert and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages including coffee, tea, coke, diet coke, sprite and club soda. For a menu and entrée selection options, click HERE.

We are so pleased to offer this unique evening experience. A melt in your mouth dinner with pork, chicken and vegetarian options and dessert options (including gluten free) worthy of the evening all on it’s own! And a kick ass concert! We recommend you act fast as there are only 80 available seats. All tables are four tops and only table seats are available for this concert at a cost of $85.00 each for the dinner, dessert, non-alcoholic beverages and the concert. Wow!

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Price: $85.00

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