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An Evening with MARK ERELLI

Thursday May 3, 2018
7:30 pm

All reserved seating
Reserved standard seats $25 / Reserved table seats $35
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Mark Erelli has been here before when he opened for Paula Cole. This time, we have him headlining. Get stoked!

Even today, it’s possible to write songs honestly and intelligently, arrange them with a sensitive ear and sing in a way that brings their stories to life. We know this, in part, because that’s what Mark Erelli does. In his quiet way, the Boston-­‐based singer/songwriter has gathered and grown a following that values these qualities. Which is why it’s seemed too long to too many since Erelli’s last album of original material.The long wait is over with the release of For A Song, a bouquet of new songs that reflect where this artist has arrived, personally and professionally. From introspective ballads to celebrations of love’s allure, these 12 songs stand-­‐alone as eloquent statements and together as a meditation on life in all its dimensions.

Erelli’s work to date has led to a number of varied and critically-­‐acclaimed releases, beginning with a self-­‐titled debut in 1999. He recorded an ambitious four-­‐day session in a Civil War-­‐era memorial hall in 2002, which was filmed for a documentary that later aired on PBS. He delved into traditional country music and western swing on Hillbilly Pilgrim in 2004, leaned in a somewhat more political direction with Hope & Other Casualties in 2006 and focused on gently romantic songs and lullabies with Innocent When You Dream in 2007.

Yet as he drew nearer to For A Song, Erelli sensed that this would be an especially challenging project. “I worked harder on these songs than I had on any previous batch of material,” he says. “I kept going back over them, revising and rewriting. When I made Milltowns, my tribute to Bill Morrissey in 2014, it was actually kind of about taking a break from that process. When I came back to my own material with a fresh ear, I drew on what I’d learned from studying Morrissey’s simple and concise style. I took whole verses out of my songs — verses that I loved — and lo and behold, the songs improved. The message was distilled and amplified.”

This explains the stark beauty of For A Song. Not a note is wasted; sonic pictures speak compellingly with minimal gestures. The first track, “Oklahoma,” opens with a spare acoustic guitar; by the time an organ eases in on the bridge, Erelli has cast a spell haunted by new moons, howling winds and a “preacher droning on the radio” — disquieting portents, perhaps, for “a Yankee boy” stranded on an endless plain.

This extraordinary artist, this traveler down the heart’s hidden paths, already knows the answer. “I may be singing from a highly personal perspective, but I think we’ve all felt the same way at times. Everyone wakes up in the middle of the night, wondering.”

And, with For A Song, listening. No answers, just questions — and music that makes even wondering worthwhile.

Take a listen below!


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