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Saturday November 3, 2018
8:00 pm

All reserved seating.
Reserved standard seats $20 / Reserved table seats $30
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The first time we met Brian was when he drove 12 hours from New York City to play a concert with Ken Yates. We were blown away! By Brian’s songwriting, his guitar playing, his voice, his passion, his endurance! Brian has been here a number of times, and we’re stoked to have him back again!

Brian’s newest album, Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements, began as a joke, between drinks number 6 and 7 (7 and 8? Numbers unconfirmed) at a bar down the street from his apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Upon further research (Google), he could not believe there was not an album or book that bore this title so, Brian set out to write one. 300 songs, 2 years, and 1 near nervous breakdown later, here it lies.

In 2015 Brian Dunne released “Songs From The Hive,” a love letter to the music of The Band and Bob Dylan, a tip of the cap (wide brimmed, brown, with a feather) to his folky heroes. And then he hit the road. Brian played for anybody and everybody, played everywhere anyone would take him; living rooms, cafes, clubhouses, big theaters, small theaters, movie theaters, listening rooms, college cafeterias, etc. Boasting nearly 300 shows in the year and a half that followed, he ended up finding himself in some surprisingly cool circumstances. What he found most liberating was that being relatively unknown had it’s perks– he was beholden to nothing. No one was expecting anything of him.

So it was with this in mind that Brian set out to write the next project. Equipped with the title only, he needed just to come up with things that he liked.

We are excited to add Amy Petty to this special evening.

Check him out live below then grab your reserved seats!


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