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Saturday October 27, 2018
8:00 pm

The show has been canceled by the artist. Tickets will be refunded in full.
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Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Amanda June made her way down to Nashville to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter & to develop herself as an artist at 18 years old. Influenced by singer/songwriters of all genres, she knew Nashville was where she needed to be at a young age after she started writing, playing & singing her own songs. Amanda played as many shows & writers rounds around town and met some of her closest friends that way. She started creating music with one in particular, Cole Vosbury. Amanda met Cole in Feb. 2014 and soon became inseparable playing almost every show together from there on out. In 2016 The Lovers was officially created, you could say it was in the cards. They have been blossoming ever since forming an undeniable sound and unforgettable look. You may recognize Cole from Season 5 of NBC’s The Voice in 2013. After having success in his hometown playing piano bars and bar gigs with his band, he auditioned for The Voice and while on Blake Shelton’s team he placed Top 4. Cole, a Louisiana native, went on to lay roots in Nashville while also traveling around the country to play shows. Cole has been playing and producing music his whole life. His style stands out among others with a soulful, intriguing gravelly voice that compliments his blues, rock, pop and country influenced playing on guitar. While traveling and co-writing the past few years with Amanda June they decided to work on a duo project that came together in a natural way organic way. Together they are seamless, each artist’s voice complementing the other’s wonderfully, with no solo or break feeling forced or unnatural. The Lovers tour most of the year as independent artists and plan to put out a full length album.

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