Myth #1: “There are no tickets left for the concert I want to attend.”
Truth: Even though we get some of the finest artists in the country to perform live at Seven Steps Up we often have a few tickets left for purchase on our website or at the door. Having a world class lineup of artists means that sometimes our shows sell out, but don’t assume it is sold out. Check online or call us if you want tickets. We are passionate about our customers and treat every concert attendee with care and respect providing an unequaled concert experience.

Myth #2: “We only invite folk music artists”
Truth: We love acoustic music, and we host music artists from all genres ranging from rock to bluegrass. The acoustic experience you will have at Seven Steps Up will give you a new appreciation for your favorite music. Folk music is a broad term, and some of the artists who perform here might be considered folk, but most of them do not fit the traditional folk music genre.

Myth #3: “I won’t be able to ‘get into’ the music at such a small venue”
Truth: At larger venues the energy comes from the crowds. At Seven Steps Up the energy comes from the music and the artist. The “listening room” experience we provide brings you closer to the artist and their music. Our venue allows the artist to express themselves in a pure acoustic environment. Come see a concert here. You will be moved by your favorite music in a more intense and intimate way than you have ever experienced.

Myth #4. “I won’t be allowed to clap here”
Truth: We love it when the audience interacts with the music here. Clapping, moving with the music, and singing along with a chorus are all encouraged here at Seven Steps Up. Because of the unique acoustics at our venue every facet of the music is heard clearly by every ear in the room. This also means every foot shuffle, cough and even pin drop is also heard clearly. So, be courteous while the artist is performing and save any distracting conversations for later. And clap all you want in between songs!

Myth #5: “If it is in Spring Lake, how good can it be?”
Truth: We would love to show you our unique listening experience. Music lovers show up skeptical and leave astounded. National touring artists keep coming back for the same reason our customers return: after every show they walk away with a uniquely intense acoustic and emotional experience. Not to mention, our down-to-earth atmosphere helps people feel right at home and our first class service shows every person we care.