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May 17 2015

#162 – The Ballroom Thieves

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The Ballroom Thieves are definitely making a name for themselves and have stepped up their already A+ game to an A++ game. How is that even possible? Wow! Harmonies – nailed it. New music – incredible. Their musicianship is spot on. Their passion and friendship on stage is clearly evident and it is so great to literally feel their joy while performing. They finished up the night with 2 songs unplugged in the middle of the room. It just does not get any better than that. Period.


Jan 22 2015

#142 – Paula Cole

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You could have knocked us over with a feather. Paula Cole at Seven Steps Up. The concert was astounding. The crowd fantastic. Her new material is awesome. She has a beautiful way about her and the way she smiles as she is performing is electric. We brought in a baby grand Kawaii piano. Funny story about it moving due to the weight distribution pads! We definitely hope to have her back some day! Astounding. Simply astounding.

Jan 17 2015

#141 – Lee DeWyze

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Wow. Whoa. That was……really hard to describe! A man on a mission. Lee DeWyze was everything we thought he would be and so much more. The energy was palpable. The audience fantastic. So into it. One man and a guitar. Wow. Our social media blew up after the concert with so many comments about the best show ever! Leslie DiNicola was here to open for the second time and that was a real treat.

Jan 10 2015

#140 – Michael Pearsall (of Honor By August)

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It is always such a treat to have Michael in Spring Lake playing a solo acoustic concert. He certainly did not disappoint! He played songs off old albums, the new upcoming album and some of his faves not ever recorded. He invited Michelle up to perform a song they co-wrote called “I Am Ready.” It was a great night and a great concert. Or as we say around here: STFYEAH!


Jan 3 2015

#139 – SRO – Mark Lavengood wsg Fauxgrass + Bill Strings & Don Julin

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Tonight was an experiment and it was pretty cool. What happens when you fill the venue with people and NOT ask them not to talk?  You have to turn the music up really loud. We didn’t quite get it loud enough yet, but the new JBL line array speakers will definitely get us where we need to go. Mark Lavengood with some friends from Fauxgrass started off the show. We give them a lot of credit as we worked through some sound issues. They totally rocked the place like the pros they are! Then Billy & Don totally melted the room with their high energy rock show of their amazing bluegrass. It was a great night!

Dec 31 2014

#138 – Tony Lucca’s New Years Eve Extravaganza!

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There is no way to describe the feeling we had when both Tony’s and our venue’s lovely fans came out to support our first ever dinner & a concert Tony Lucca’s New Years Eve Extravaganza! It was a sold out evening with incredible energy, joy and – omg – the music! Tony was on fire!  He performs with both an energy and a grace that is compelling and rare. He is charming and handsome and humble and an over-the-top talented singer/songwriter who can go from ballad to flat out rock within moments. Tony performed some songs solo acoustic and then also rocked it out with Steve on bass & background vocals and Mic on percussion & background vocals. We even had our first ever dancing to the side of the stage! It was truly a night to remember! 
Dec 14 2014

#137 Chris Knight

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This was Chris’s second time at Seven Steps Up. His concerts are intense and incredible. He is the best storyteller singer/songwriter that we have heard. He creates characters and stories inside of music. He is one of the best of our time. This time he played with multi-instrumentalist Chris Clark. Chris Knight doesn’t have much to say. But he really doesn’t have to. His songs get the job done just fine on their own.

Dec 7 2014

#136 Decembersongs

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We have been proud to be a sponsor of this annual fundraiser. This was Decembersongs third year to perform. This year’s line-up: Amy Speace, Rod Picott, Doug & Telisha Williams. Their holiday material put us all in the holiday spirit and their individual artist material is about as #stfyeah as it gets. We raised over $3000!

Dec 6 2014

#135 Stephen Kellogg

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“Every night’s a little different tour”  Stephen Kellogg performed here along with percussionist Rob from Bronze Radio Return. Stephen is a heartfelt performer with a cult following. His show was incredible and he performed with an energy we hadn’t seen in a solo show before. He even had a choir come in to perform “Thanksgiving” with him. The whole concert was way over the top!

Hailey Steele opened the show and we were so impressed we will get her back to headline her own show as soon as we can.

Nov 29 2014

#134 Jess Klein & Friends

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We were excited to have Jess back to Seven Steps Up. She was one of the original first 7 concerts here and we had been trying to get her back ever since. So we were thrilled to have her back and this time she brought friends. Jessie Toressi performed an opening set. Then Mike June performed a set. And then, Jess, well she did what she does. When that head goes back and she closes her eyes, the hair on the back of my neck and arms quiver. That was just amazing. And she is definitely so fucking cool!