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Jul 28 2013

#55 Tony Lucca

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First night of 2 sold out shows in a row. Unbelievable concert! HBA opened and the crowd didn’t want to see them leave the stage. But then Tony gets up and had us eating out of his hands! So freakin’ good! The energy, the music! Now this is what we are talkin about!

Jul 27 2013

#54 Honor By August

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WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE BOYS! A sold out show weeks in advance! Tonight the boys performed their own headlining show and then they are opening for Tony Lucca the next 2 nights. How crazy is this! The concert was perfect and everyone – including Chris – were bantering with the crowd. Brian was not here tonight and we missed him, but Mike Smirnoff did an admirable job sitting in for him while Brian awaits the birth of his first child.

Jul 19 2013

#53 Peter Bradley Adams

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Oh.My.My. Peter Bradley Adams. Can’t believe we had him here tonight. Soft rocked our faces off in the best imaginable way.

Jul 13 2013

#52 Callaghan wsg Erick Baker

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We fell in love with Callaghan when we first heard her last year and we were not disappointed tonight! New songs, old songs – we just love her! She brought a guitar player tonight – Julia St Clair and she was lovely. There is just no disputing her talent. Erick Baker performed an opening set with Donnie Reiss supporting him on violin & piano. Unbelievable talent and charisma on stage.

Jun 28 2013

#51 Kim Richey

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OH MY WORD! Kim Richey has been an idol of mine for a long time and this was simply thrilling. Tingley all night! What a voice! The guys that backed her up were awesome!!!

Jun 15 2013

#50 Birds of Chicago

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These two voices. Joy is what we feel watching Alli. Happiness is what we find listening to their concert. How are these two not a household name?

Jun 1 2013

#49 Stephen Kellogg

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How apropos for our 50th concert! Stephen Kellogg comes to Spring Lake to play for a sold-out crowd on this solo acoustic tour. As if that wasn’t enough, he brings Milow with him to open. Now, Milow leaves Spring Lake to play Bonnaroo. He damn near stole the show! He’s a huge star in Belgium & the rest of Europe and here he was tonight performing on our tiny little stage. Then Stephen gets on stage – totally owning every square inch – and plays favorites & new favorites. Holy crap! How was tonight even possible!

May 27 2013

#48 Courtyard Concert with Honor By August

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Another first in our history. We put on our first outdoor show as what we refer to as a Courtyard Concert featuring Honor By August in their first full-on rock show! The weather was super hot, but the day was great. But then the boys came inside and performed a Pin Drop Concert. Truly magical and why this post is numbered. Raised some funds and awareness for The Little Red House. Fauxgrass opened the show with their contemporary blue grass. Do good! Have fun! A concert for the community. It’s what we did today!

May 24 2013

#47 Liz Longley

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The moment over year ago when we heard Liz Longley for the first time, we knew she was destined to be here. And what a concert. We cried, we laughed – we were in awe! This beautiful young singer/songwriter is astounding! More, we want more of Liz Longley – double L from hell!

May 11 2013

#46 Michael McDermott

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Michael performed with Heather Horton on violin and background vocals. Brought new meaning to the word intense!