The Past

May 5 2013

#45 Tylan

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We met Tylan when she performed here with Girlyman last November. Now touring in support of her new solo debut CD, Tylan stole our hearts with her tender songs and funny stories.

May 4 2013

#44 Drew Nelson

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West Michigan’s favorite son played to his second sold-out crowd here. Jack Leaver performed with him. So, so good!

Apr 27 2013

#43 Peter Mulvey

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Yup. We love this guy. We kind of wrote his set list for him!

Apr 26 2013

#42 Amy Speace

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Amy released her new album “How to Sleep in a Stormy Boat.” We understand why this is getting such attention! She brought a cello player, too! Stunning to listen and watch her perform. Amy brought The Sea the Sea to open. This young duo stole our hearts!

Apr 19 2013

#41 The Stray Birds wsg Red Tail Ring

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Red Tail Ring was a last minute addition to the line-up and came at the request of The Stray Birds. The music of Red Tail Ring seems to span generations. It has a contemporary feel but also feels very familiar. The harmonies are just beautiful. Loved it! The Stray Birds unique and beautiful voices coupled with great stories and a chemistry on-stage that few bands can achieve brought down the house!

Apr 6 2013

#40 Michael Pearsall

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Michael is the lead singer for Honor By August. His first solo acoustic concert tonight just endeared us to him and the band even more. How is that even possible! He performed a song with Michelle that they co-wrote with JD Eicher last December. It was more than cool!

Mar 23 2013

#39 Dan Navarro

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Dan played here with Decembersongs last December and that is how we met him. What an amazing catalog of music! Dan now holds the record for the longest concert. He played and he played! And everyone listened and listened! It was beautiful. Magical. And tonight marked the one year anniversary of the death of Eric Lowen. Dan played tonight’s concert in his memory. RIP, Eric Lowen.

Mar 15 2013

#38 Willy Porter

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We heard from just about every musician who has walked through our doors that we needed to get Willy Porter here. Well, we did. And we are so glad! Certainly one of the best guitar players we’ve ever seen. And Carmen Nickerson. This was insane tonight! How can every single concert raise the bar?

Mar 2 2013

#37 Neil Jacobs

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Neil is an insane guitar player. He’s got great stories and he cracks us up. There’s a reason why he is the only instrumentalist to perform here. He’s that good!

Feb 23 2013

#36 Pat McGee

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Whoa. ‘Nuff said! We don’t know what happened tonight between Pat McGee & Patrick McAloon, but that bridge where the two were playing dueling leads was beyond this stratosphere. I would like to see and hear that again.