The Past

Feb 9 2013

#35 Ruth & Max Bloomquist Band

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Ruth & Max aren’t strangers to Seven Steps Up, but this was their first Pin Drop Concert. They nailed it!

Jan 26 2013

#34 Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys

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We were not prepared for this! We heard the music and had enjoyed the recently released CD – but the live performance was something special! Lindsay Lou has a voice and control over the voice that is hard to describe! This young band is destined for greatness!

Jan 18 2013

#33 Griffin House

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We were so surprised to get Griffin House here and it was so much fun to see Spring Lake on his tour dates! The show sold out easily several weeks in advance! Griffin performed crowd favorites and introduced some new music off of his forthcoming CD “Balls!”

Jan 13 2013

#32 Seth Glier

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Our boy is back! He introduced us to Joe Nerney and the two completely captivated this sold-out audience! Whoa!

Dec 15 2012

#31 Honor By August wsg’s Todd Carey & JD Eicher

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Sold out the show one week before. JD Eicher opened the show with an acoustic set, Todd Carey performed a set and featured his new single “Nintendo” and then our boys Michael, Chris, Brian & Evan did what they do best here – an acoustic show. It just doesn’t get any better than this! Our final show for 2012!

Dec 9 2012

#30 Decembersongs

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4 friends – Amy Speace, Jon Vezner, Sally Barris, Dan Navarro. hands down the best holiday concert we’ve ever had the privilege to see. We got some sponsors and 100% of the proceeds from this sold out show was given to Greater Ottawa County United Way. $4,000!

Dec 8 2012

#29 Melissa Ferrick

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We were new fans of Melissa before she got here. We are mega fans now. The energy of this performer and her command of the room was impressive. Her rendition of “Drive” was riveting. She brought Anne Heaton to open. We hope to see more of these women.

Nov 29 2012

#28 Ari Hest

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Ari returned to Seven Steps Up to perform for the second time. What a voice! He brought Rose Cousins to open the show and she was a delight. We just keep pinching ourselves! How can every single concert be this good?

Nov 17 2012

#27 Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer

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Dave & Mandy returned for another “are you kidding” me concert!

Nov 8 2012

#26 Sean Hayes wsg Birds of Chicago

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Birds of Chicago were going out on tour with Sean and somehow convinced his management team that we should be a stop on the tour. Sean has a cult following and he performed some crowd favorites and songs from his just released album. Birds of Chicago (JT Nero & Allison Russell) opened the show and performed with Shawn. Wow!