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May 15 2012

#15 Jonathan Edwards

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The real Jonathan Edwards.  Musician. Totally rocked a sold out show.

May 5 2012

#14 Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer

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This was a complete surprise. I mean – we had heard their music before they got here, but nothing prepared us for the amazing concert we heard. Great harmonies. Great lyrics. May their music be heard!

Apr 21 2012

#13 Edie Carey

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Voice like an angel.

Apr 15 2012

#12 Peter Mulvey

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Peter Mulvey.

Feb 25 2011

#11 Neil Jacobs

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Phenomenal guitar player. The only instrumentalist to perform at Seven Steps Up. Neil played to a spellbound audience. Our jaws dropped from the first note and stayed there. Too fast for the human eye. One guy on a stage and we swear there was an orchestra!

Feb 3 2014

#10 Garrett Borns

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What started out as a simple single concert turned into 4 sold out shows over Friday & Saturday. Garrett Borns rocked the place with his 4 piece band.  Incredible. The kind of weekend that legends are built on…..

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Feb 18 2012

#9 JT Nero & Allison Russell

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This was before they even had a name! Silky smooth. Sultry voice. Allison Russell actually takes your breath away. JT Nero creates vibrant lyrical images with a voice that perfectly complements Allison. All in all, an unforgettable evening. Ya, baby, they’ll be back!

Jan 15 2012

#8 Seth Glier

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We think it will soon be just a leged that Seth played here to a SOLD OUT crowd. We’ll be watching him on the Grammy’s to see if he wins and we’ll wait patiently  patiently for his next album. WOW. I mean – WOW!!

Dec 3 2011

#7 Kenny White

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When we booked Kenny White, we had no idea of his talent and humor. ?We listened to this albums and watched his videos, but the live performance in our intimate setting outshone them all. His songwriting appeals  on so may levels, his piano playing is over the top good and we just liked him personally on top of it all! He’ll be back – just wait and see!

Oct 29 2011

#6 Jess Klein & Tom Freund

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twin bill Jess Klein & Tom Freund. Their first time here. Our first twin bill. This was an incredible concert with two very talented musicians. Jess has a voice that transcends any description. Tom Freund was entertaining & super talented and plays a helluva guitar, piano, stand up bass, ukelele, harmonica. Seriously – this dude can play anything! Both are terrific songwriters and raised the bar once again for our concerts. /