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Nov 22 2014

#133 Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer

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Unbelievable. This was Dave & Mandy’s 4th time here which makes them one of only a few artists who have been here that many times. And there is a reason: this duo nails it! Every time. They had Kate Johnson open for them again. Another magical night!

Nov 15 2014

#132 Willy Porter wsg Carmen Nickerson

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Willy is definitely one of the best guitar players we have ever seen. And when we have Willy & Carmen here performing together, its something. This is the second time they have been here. If I could have them here once a week, I would.

Nov 11 2014

#131 Anna Nalick

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Anna.Nalick. She performed flawlessly. I mean – there is no way that she could have performed a better concert. She’s a goddess! I keep thinking that if I open my eyes I am going to wake up from this beautiful dream of her playing the stage here. If it is a dream, I’m thinking I’ll just stay asleep.

Nov 8 2014

#130 Callaghan

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Oh, my. Seriously, this talented singer/songwriter has one of the best female voices we have heard. She is as charming and lovely as she is talented. It’s hard to describe her! We think you will be seeing more of her! She performed as a duo tonight with a guitar player from Chicago by the name of Mike. Perfection. Brilliant! And they did a cover of Purple Rain that was crazy good.

Nov 6 2014

#129 Jonathan Edwards

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The legendary Jonathan Edwards. This year he performed solo acoustic and we think it was his best performance here ever. We are so thrilled that we are one of his annual stops!

Nov 1 2014

#128 Peter Bradley Adams

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PBA. He’s been on my iPod for many years. The first time he played here he said he was going to “soft-rock” our face off. And he did. Peter has a gentle quality about his vocals and it’s so awesome to just settle into our beautiful venue and let those vocals wrap around us. Once again: epic.

Oct 24 2014

#127 Anne Heaton

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We’ve had Anne here several times and we love her. She played once again with her man Frank and we were once again moved by her performance. She has a voice that transcends description.

Oct 21 2014

#126 Daniel Champagne

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Whoa. I mean whoa. Wow. WTF. Daniel Champagne is a young Aussie playing a few months here in the US. We were lucky enough to be one of his stops. We’ve never seen anyone play the guitar quite like this. Ever. Whoa.

Oct 15 2014

#125 The Ballroom Thieves

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Now this concert came completely out of nowhere. We had not heard about this award winning group before, yet they had won numerous Boston music awards. They had us at the first incredible note when they sang an acapella song. And then they started playing – guitars, cello & percussion. Devin, Martin & Calli. They say that they are a rock group in a folk suit. We say that these guys are some of the best music we have ever heard. They are destined for greatness. And we hope that they are destined for Seven Steps Up again at some point in the future.

Oct 11 2014

#124 Pierce Pettis

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When we booked Pierce back in March, we couldn’t believe that we were going to have this legendary songwriter here. He’s a songwriter’s songwriter, a performers songwriter and considered by some to be one of the best songwriter’s of our generation. All we know is that Pierce is incredible and he put on one hell of a concert.