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Aug 8 2014

#114 Griffin House

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Griffin House returned to our stage for his second sold-out show. He is well-known in the singer-songwriter world and we are so honored to be a stop on his tours. ¬†And may we just say “balls!”

Aug 3 2014

#113 Eric Taylor

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Ahhh. Eric Taylor. A Texas troubadour. A legend. A songwriter’s songwriter whose performance is both in song & word. We were spellbound. We were honored.

Jul 17 2014

#112 Ellis Paul

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Ellis Paul is legendary. We were so excited to have him here for the 2nd time and he did not disappoint. He gave us a little preview of his upcoming album. And Seth Glier made a surprise visit and sat in with his set. Truly an astounding and unforgettable concert. Truly!

Jul 12 2014

#111 Gareth Asher & The Earthlings

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We first heard Gareth at Pat McGee’s Down the Hatch event in 2012. Totally fell in love. He was here in October, 2013 for our 68th show with JD Eicher & The Goodnights and we absolutely had to have him back for his own headlining show. He has a way. And Nicki, Josh & Meredith have a beautiful energy. And together they are out of this world.

Jul 10 2014

#110 Tony Lucca Tyler Hilton & Anna Rose

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You could have knocked us over with a feather! Look at this line-up! Tony, of course, is a Seven Steps Up favorite before he ever stepped foot in the venue! Tyler canceled shows on both sides of our concert due to his sceduling for the tv show he was filming. He is truly a stand-up guy! His set was amazing and we are definite fans. Anna Rose opened the show and she totally rocked it. What a night!

Jun 28 2014

#109 Cheryl Wheeler

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Every single artist that came through here for months told us we should get Cheryl Wheeler. And after getting her here we know why. An amazing concert Рevery single moment.

Jun 22 2014

#108 Baskery

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This concert came about because of our relationship with this bands agent. These beautiful, talented women from Sweden put on an amazing show! We’ve already learned that they have been signed by a major label and that certainly doesn’t surprise us!

Jun 20 2014

#107 Jillette Johnson

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Jillette was a surprise. That voice of hers! Her brave and rebellious lyrics. Cameron. When The Ship Goes Down. I could listen to her all night! Already trying to figure out how soon we can get her back…..

Jun 18 2014

#106 Ari Hest

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Ari has been here a few times and he does not disappoint. That voice! OMG – that voice!

Jun 15 2014

#105 Andrew Belle

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Andrew.Belle. Wow. Who would have expected to see him here? We had a small but very appreciative crowd. And hopefully we’ll see him again one day.