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Jun 13 2014

#104 Honor By August

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The second night of two-fer. Two nights is just not enough!


Jun 12 2014

#103 Honor By August

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Our favorite band, Honor By August, returns to Seven Steps Up. There’s no rock band that can do an acoustic show here like these guys. Nope. Not one!

Jun 6 2014

#102 Jetty Rae wsg The Accidentals

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Jetty Rae was one of the loveliest singer/songwriters we’ve ever heard. She definitely has a way about her. The evening started off with a set by a very talented duo The Accidentals. Multi-instrumentalists, singers, songwriters – these young girls were an inspiration. Special night.

May 16 2014

#101 Wild Ponies

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Okay, there is nothing more bad ass than Telisha playing that stand up bass. Peforming as a trio tonight, this was such a treat! So much fun, Doug & Telisha have created a magical sound that blends blues/country/rock/folk into their own. Love these guys!

May 8 2014

#100 Pat McGee

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Pat was our second ever concert and he has become a true cheerleader and friend of our venue. Tonight’s concert was fantastic. Pat performed with Patrick McAloon & Colby James with an opening set by Colby. We have loved Pat’s music since the first time we heard it on the radio and proud and humbled to have him return to our stage again and again. Thanks, Pat, for being here!

May 4 2014

#99 Ernie Halter

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Ernie is friends with a lot of artists who have played here. What a concert. He’s got it. Whatever it is I can’t say exactly, just that he has it. Great lyricist. Great singer. Great concert.

May 3 2014

#98 Neil Jacobs

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Neil Jacobs is the only instrumentalist to play Seven Steps Up. He is truly one of kind! He can definitely rock our stage!

Apr 26 2014

#97 Hannah Thomas

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Whoa! We are not sure what happened between the first concert here and tonight – but holy crap! We heard from the tour manager that Hannah learned to “let go” when she performed in front of a quite large audience when Hannah opened for the Indigo Girls last fall. Well – hot diggity dog! Hannah rocked our stage. Totally rocked it! And her encore rendition of Turn The Page was riveting. This charming rocker will be back.

Apr 25 2014

#96 Alice Peacock

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Alice was our first. You just never forget the first. She’s on her first concert of a short tour after being off from touring since the birth of the twins. It was an unforgettable evening!

Apr 18 2014

#95 Sally Barris

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Sally is one of the most beautiful people we’ve met inside & out! She has such a way with her music. And as usual, her live performance is so superior to any video or recorded performance! She really shined bright in our room tonight. Beautiful. Just beautiful.