The Past

Apr 16 2014

#94 Howie Freakin Day

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Ahhh. How did this even happen? Karma? We don’t know. We don’t care. We are just glad that it did happen. What a concert. He played his hits, he played some new songs, he played and he played. It was beautiful. Magical. We know we use these words alot to describe concerts here, but there are only so many that can convey any portion of what it’s like here!

Apr 12 2014

#93 Seabird

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This band has definitely become a favorite of ours. We cranked it up tonight! We love that they try to pay us a visit when they are near!

Apr 10 2014

#92 Teddy Geiger

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Another hard to believe booking for us. Teddy played piano and guitar and was a real treat.

Apr 6 2014

#91 Ken Yates + Brian Dunne

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We had to get these two young singer/songwriters back right away because – well, because they were just so damn good the first time. And equally impressive the second. Their passion for playing music is evident and their love of a great room and a great audience is so inspiring when you are in the audience. Definitely will get these guys back again and again!

Mar 24 2014

#90 Anna Nalick

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You could have knocked us over with a feather when we got the request for this concert. Anna Nalick. OMG. Her concert tonight was magical. Almost unbelievable that that voice is even real. I laughed. I cried. I’m just hoping that she will come back. Dan Godlin opened the show. We told Dan that he must come back and do his own show! What a night!

Mar 22 2014

#89 Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys

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So loved these guys the first time. They did not disappoint in their second sold out show! Bright skies ahead for this talented group of musicians.

Mar 16 2014

#88 Jeffrey Foucault

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Jeffrey was a huge musical surprise for us in 2 ways. First, totally fell in love with his music and hearing the songs live was simply astounding. Second, he introduced us to Caitlin Canty. She was something else, too. We hope to get Caitlin back on her own and Jeffrey back as soon as we can arrange it. Loved it!

Mar 8 2014

#87 Red Tail Ring

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This husband/wife duo play a stunning concert. Contemporary, yet ageless. Something new, yet familiar. Beautiful. It’s all we do here.

Mar 1 2014

#86 Liz Longley

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Liz can play here anytime she would like. That voice. Those songs. It was an amazing night and the show was sold out. Stunning. Unforgettable. Astounding.

Feb 20 2014

#85 Elenowen

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Wow. Uber talented duo. Every song crazy good.