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Feb 8 2014

#84 Grace Pettis

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From the first moment I heard her song “Abilene” I knew that I would be a fan of Grace Pettis. And every song since has just confirmed our love of her music. Awesome. Just awesome.

Feb 7 2014

#83 Kelly Joe Phelps

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Never have we seen a concert like this. Kelly Joe drew us in with the first lick on the guitar. He didn’t have much to say, but honestly, he didn’t need to. His music transcended it all.

Feb 1 2014

#82 Erick Baker

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Erick drove over 14 hours from Knoxville to play a concert here. the snow was thick & heavy and people still came out to the concert. We love Erick. His concerts are so intense, so incredible. This time he had Will with him playing steel guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Another magical evening.

Jan 25 2014

#81 David Berkeley

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We had David booked here for almost a year. What a wait but so worth it! David has a unique voice, beautiful lyrics, and such a gentle way about his music.  Michelle got up and sang with him which was such a surprise but such an honor! David is also an author and he read a portion of one of his books. It was just such a magical night.

Jan 20 2014

Courtyard Concerts presents Seth Glier – our first Liz’s concert

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Today we had our first Liz’s Concert – a children’s concert presented by Courtyard Concerts, a non-profit we started in late 2013. Seth performed for 25 or so children and did a fantastic job. He brought his pig, Porkchop, who was a huge hit with the kids! They fed Porkchop carrots and raisins! It was a beautiful concert in honor of a dear friend, Liz Curtis, who died far too soon, but left a legacy as big as her personality!

Jan 19 2014

#80 Seth Glier

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Wow. Last night’s concert was good, tonight’s concert. As good or better. How can this be?

Jan 18 2014

#79 Seth Glier

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Seth has become such an important artist to us. He has provided a lot of great concerts, a lot of memories and created a fan base in West Michigan that allowed for two shows this year! His energy & passion are a perfect match for the room and we are always blown away by his performances. Joe Nerney accompanied him again. We discovered that another year of concerts can make a huge difference. Although we thought his concert last year was fantastic, this year’s first night was unbelievable. Seth & Joe are super tight. Amazing.

Jan 17 2014

#78 Tony Lucca

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Tony has become one of favorite performers. He can rock, he can sing a ballad, he can funk, he can sing a love song that will break your heart, and then sing a love song that will make you fall in love. He has the ability to control a room, he has a heart as big as Texas, and he believes in creating great music & energy. He has crazy loyal fans and we understand why! And he brought Dan Godlin. We love Dan! One of my favorite concerts. Ever.

Dec 21 2013

#77 Michael Pearsall

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Michael has become an important person for us in many ways. He is a friend and supporter of the venue. Without the support of his band, Honor By August, we would likely have shut our doors a long time ago. Michael has become a personal friend, a brother in music and one of all-time favorite performers. Tonight’s concert was legendary. L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y.  He is why we go on! Our final concert of 2013. What a year!

Dec 15 2013

#76 Barnaby Bright

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Liz Longley turned us onto Barnaby Bright, or them onto us. Not sure! What we are sure of is that this insanely talented duo performed an amazing show.  Unforgettable. Astounding. And we are already looking forward to their return.