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Dec 13 2013

#75 – Decembersongs

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Our second time with Decembersongs, but Amy brought some new players. This year it’s Rod Picott & Doug & Telisha Williams. The music was superb and we raised over $4000 this year for Greater Ottawa County United Way! We are proud to be of this now annual event!

Nov 24 2013

#74 Shawn Freakin Mullins

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This show was particularly sweet for us. We have been huge fans of Shawn’s for many years. Soul’s Core is one of standard albums and the song “And on a rainy night” one of our all time ever favorites. He didn’t play it this time, but he did promise to play it the next time! The show was far beyond expectations and was one of the best concerts  we have ever seen.  There is no disputing this mans talent and he surrounds himself with the best. He & Panda were as tight as I’ve ever seen, and his soundman, Kip, had the sound as good as it gets. This was the first concert that I have NOT run the sound and it was truly a pleasure to sit in the audience and enjoy the music.

Nov 23 2013

#73 Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer

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This is now a Dave & Mandy annual stop! We love it! We heard some new music from an upcoming album and the favorites we have all come to know and love. A little sazerac drink, and a lot of great music. Local singer/songwriter Kate Johnson opened the show. We’ve become family!

Nov 16 2013

#72 Dana Cooper

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We used to listen to Dana back in the day when we lived in Texas. We’ve known his music for years! This was such a thrill to have Dana in Spring Lake! He enthralled the audience, y’all!

Nov 10 2013

#71 Ellis Paul

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A virtual living legend showed us why.\he is considered music royalty. What a concert.

Nov 4 2013

#70 Todd Carey + Curtis Peoples

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Now, this was fun! Todd charmed everyone with that grin and those white pants! Then Curtis did his set. Oh, it was just so good. And introduced us to Dan Goodlin! Come back when you can drive on our summer roads, Dan! Fun! The music was so good! Let’s do this again!

Nov 1 2013

#69 Ken Yates

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Beautiful. Ken brought Brian Dunne with him to open. Brian drove all day just to play this show and then turn around and drive back to New York. That’s passion! Standing ovations and the single most number of encores. The audience would not let them leave the stage!

Oct 25 2013

#68 Gareth Asher & the Earthlings + JD Eicher & the Goodnights

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What a co-bill! What a night!

Oct 19 2013

#67 Seabird

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Hooked on this band! They rocked us out! Loved it!

Oct 5 2013

#66 Pat McGee Band wsg Keaton Simons

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OMG! That was a rockin show! The first time Pat has played here with the band and the first time Keaton Simons has been to our venue. Epic music! Epic night!