The Past

Sep 28 2013

#65 Jillette Johnson

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Boom! This girl stole our hearts. Every single song was amazing. That voice. That passion. That energy! I wanted the concert to go and on! Guess I will have to settle for the album for a while. But mark my words – she will be back!

Sep 20 2013

#64 Kenny White

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Seriously. Kenny White is astounding. Funny. Poignant. Truthful. What a piano player. Loved the concert.

Sep 14 2013

#63 Anne Heaton

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We met Anne when she opened for Melissa Ferrick last year. There is something about her voice, phrasing and lyrics that keeps drawing me back to her music. She’s got a positive message and an amazing smile, too!

Sep 12 2013

#62 Jonathan Edwards

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Second night of a 2 night run. Awesome! Just awesome!

Sep 11 2013

#61 Jonathan Edwards

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He’s back for the second year of back-to-back concerts! We love this living legend and he puts on a helluva show! He brought Tom Snow with him this time to play piano and sing background vocals. We love being an annual stop for Jonathan!

Sep 6 2013

#60 Hannah Thomas

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Hannah opened for the Indigo Girls last night at Meijer Gardens and we can see why! She is a powerhouse! A beautiful, charming young tomboy who wears her heart on her sleeve. Fell in love at first note!

Aug 29 2013

#59 Don Campbell Band

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This group is on their way to perform for a Dan Fogelberg memorial concert through Dan’s foundation. The tribute to Dan was beautiful, and we enjoyed their original material every bit as much.

Aug 24 2013

#58 Kelsey Rottiers & The Rising Tide

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Red wonder boots. Love this young singer/songwriter and her passion for music and for her causes. She has a voice that is amazing and a beautiful stage presence.

Aug 17 2013

#57 JD Eicher & the Goodnights

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So, JD opened for HBA last year and we finally got him back to do his own concert with his band. These boys sang their hearts out. Incredible.

Jul 29 2013

#56 Tony Lucca

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Second sold out show. Crazy. It was crazy! I am in love with Tony’s music! And HBA for the third night! It’s almost too much!